View Full Version : anyone want to master a foo fighters show?

2006-07-13, 09:42 PM
i just got a pure wav file the acoustic show in vancouver on july 10. my buddy recorded it. it's really quiet and some of the sounds clips because his settings were too high. i thought i'd be able to make it torrent-ready, and have been playing with it in cool edit pro, but i lack the expertise to get it to sound great. i can make it okay, but i'm sure someone out there could do a better job than me. i don't really know what i'm doing, i just try stuff and see how it goes.

anyway i've got the original wav file and a copy of that file already split into tracks. so if anyone if interested in working on this and turning it into a torrent, that would be great. all i've done is split the entire show into each track, but if you prefer the entire file i've still got that original as well.

email me at:

edit: mods if this is the wrong forum, i apologize go ahead and move it.