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2006-07-12, 07:58 PM
I'd like to post a torrent.... but I'm unsure if I'm allowed to post a torrent I found elsewhere. It appears to not have ever been posted here (last I checked), and seems to meet the sound quality standards as I understand them. The artist is the ever-more popular Neko Case, and its a show from June of 2005 (Neko Case - June 8, 2005 Madison WI, @<hidden> The Barrymore Theatre). My questions are:

1)the FLAC md5 checksum/fingerprinting....is this a process created by the software I use to create the torrent?

2)I had hoped to post a message in a dead torrent forum (Neko Case 2006-04-11 Starr Hill, Charlottesville, Va (FLAC)), but don't have the permission...how else would one contact a member?

3)I don't wish to dangle this like a carrot to the people from that torrent, but I was hoping of letting them know my desire to share this one that I actually have.


2006-07-12, 08:28 PM
Hi Helluo,

Yes, you may post a torrent found somewhere else. It is usually nice to let it run a couple of weeks on the original site. Or, if it was posted by the taper, you can just PM them and ask if they mind if you post it at another site. Many tapers just want the show spread, but they don't have the bandwidth to do it at a bunch of sites. Also, don't forget to give them credit.

1) Usually there is a file included with a torrent that ends in .md5 or .ffp or .ffp.txt . Those are the checksums/fingerprints. The file can be opened with a text editor and then just copy/pasted in the spot on the form. Let us know if the torrent didn't come with that file and we can help you generate it very easily.

2) The Inactive forum is closed for posting. If you want to contact someone, you can PM them. (click on their name above their ratio and it's a drop down menu).

2006-07-12, 09:32 PM
Thanks for the tips...I'll post it shortly. It was posted somewhere last september, I think I tracked down the individual... I'll see if they mind.