View Full Version : increase limit on ip connections when seeding?

2006-07-04, 02:35 AM
I think I hit a limit when trying to seed a torrent from 4 ips at the same time for a username. The 4th connection got an error and could not connect. When I stopped another ip from seeding, the one that was getting the error could then connect, but then the one stopped could not reconnect. There seems to be a limit of 3 seeding ip connections to a torrent for a username.

I think more people are adding bandwidth by going to multiple connections and ips. Can the limit be increased?

2006-07-04, 11:18 AM
You are correct that there is currently a limit of 3 connections per user on any one torrent (it was originally just one, but I worried that that would cause problems). The reason for the limit was to stop people from handing out there personalized torrent to others. (Like if you put it up on another site and people try to grab a show with it, only three people can and your stats could get messed up that way.)

I can't do anything about that until I'm home again. Is four a better limit?

2006-07-04, 02:49 PM
4 seeding connections is fine for me and would help me sometimes

Some other sites have set the leeching connection limit and seeding limit to different numbers.