View Full Version : Firewalled at TTD, not at other sites

2006-06-29, 06:54 PM
I've been downloading a DBT vid here and it says I am firewalled. I open up any BT download at dime or pink robert and within a minute, I have a green light and I am not firewalled. I've usually had great success w/ TTD in not being firwalled. What has happened? My port settings are the same for all three sites.

2006-06-30, 02:07 PM
Same problem for this Mac user. 6881-6889 open, green lights at all my other sites, firewalled at TTD. I must be missing something; can't figure out what. Help?
Thanks, -jamac

2006-06-30, 02:17 PM
gdeadfan, you can always try to stop/start your torrent and see if you aren't firewalled. If could just be that when you connected to the tracker, your connection was iffy and it gave you a FIREWALLED status (I've had that happen to me when my cable connection is going slower than normal).

jamac, you are not firewalled on the torrents where you are using the ports you listed. However, on at least the Grateful Dead torrent, you are using port 32460 and that one is firewalled. You might want to look into how that happened.

2006-07-05, 07:37 PM
Thanks Lynn. I tried disconnecting, reconnecting, burying a rat tail under an oak tree and nothing worked. I finished out the torrent and just let it run as firewalled to get the ratio up. Logged on today and stated d/ling another torrent. Got a green light immediately. All seems fine. Must have something to do w/ the ISP connection, as you suggested.

2006-07-05, 08:18 PM
But, did you remember that you have to bury the rat tail at 4 pm Pacific Standard time, not Central Standard time? :)

You aren't firewalled right now, so I guess things are fine.

2006-07-06, 10:23 PM
This is totally confusing to me. Last night I noticed Dime was stating I am firewalled, and now this site is saying I'm firewalled. I don't get it, anyway I'll lay out what I know and see if anyone has some advice.

I am running uTorrent through port 50001. This port is forwarded, using the port forwarding check tool in uTorrent it states that port 50001 is forwarded. I am pretty sure I haven't changed IP address but I could check that and make sure the modem is forwarding properly, but if uTorrent is stating the port is forwarded I shouldn't be firewalled should I? :hmm:

I run Zone Alarm at home and have never been able to work out how to allow the BT ports to be exempt from the firewall, but that was never a problem before, I've never appeared as firewalled since I worked out how to port forward. Is it the case that port forwarding will get around my firewall or do I need to do something in Zone Alarm?

Any advice would be appreciated.


2006-07-06, 10:48 PM
Open up a terminal and do an 'ipconfig' and see if that local ip there is the same one that you forwarded your ports for.

Zone Alarm is a PC thing, so I can't help you with making sure you are forwarded through that.

2006-07-07, 10:34 AM
Seems to be ok again, checked all the settings, something must have changed, maybe when Zone Alarm updated. Thanks for the help.


Antonio Sillmon
2006-07-10, 05:49 PM
:down: Hi y'all...I'm new to TTD (and I'm lovin' it !)
After a week or so of no problems I too now find myself firewalled. I use Utorrent 1.6 and the port 56459 is getting the green light, as well as working on every other site...What's happening here ? Is it me ? Is it Utorrent ?

Please, please help me

Antonio...(How good were Italy's five penalties ?) :hmm:

2006-07-10, 10:44 PM
Hi, as you can see above I had the same problem last week. Eventually I found I had lost my settings in Zone Alarm which had just done a large update so I think that was the problem. I would go back and check all your port forwarding settings - the instructions at portforward.com are good. I also checked my firewall settings - I found some good instructions for Zone Alarm at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=32137#p32137 but you would need to adapt these instructions for another firewall if you're not running Zone Alarm.

I didn't see Italy's penalties (middle of the night here) but you were just lucky to get past us Aussies - that penalty you got at the end was pretty soft. Such a pity the Australia/Italy game had to end that way as we never expected to beat Italy anyway (that would be like asking Italy to beat Australia in Australian Rules football - not likely). Still, congrats on winning the world cup :clap:


Antonio Sillmon
2006-07-11, 03:38 PM
:wave: Cheers BLUE !!!
I have already checked (and re-checked) all port-forwarding situations...everything is AOK
I don't use ZA, I have Kaspersky, it too seems fine
Will keep trying till I get there

Austrailia were indeed very good in the SOCCER World Cup

Antonio Sillmon :hmm:

2006-07-12, 12:31 AM
Have you used the port forwarding checker in uTorrent? And, on a related but offtopic issue, how is uTorrent 1.6, I'm still using 1.5 - worth the upgrade?

I think most Australians were very proud of our soccer team getting to the second round, we will never be a really big soccer nation as our best players will always play in the big leagues in Europe. The Italy/Australia game would have got a lot more people here watching soccer if not for the way it finished, up until that point it was a great game. I looked at the houses near me at the end of the game and everyone had their lights on so everyone was watching, this was about 3.30am. It is a pity, I am an Australian Rules fan but I've always liked soccer as it has one of the features that Australian Rules has, which is that the game doesn't stop, there's no waiting around like you get in Rugby or Gridiron, and as such both are great spectator sports. Just have to wait another 4 years and hope Australia makes it to the finals again.


Antonio Sillmon
2006-07-14, 08:08 AM
:cool: The Utorrent port checker says "YES"...everything is fine (apart from TTD)
I'm still firewalled and my stats don't seem correct either :mad:
I am uploading (albeit at a deathly rate due to firewalled status) nearly 24-7.
I only hope that the powers that be take pity on me until I can solve this problem once and for all, cause I'm loving some of the gems on TTD. :thumbsup
I only recently upped to 1.6 on Utorrent so I haven't noticed too much difference yet but I'll keep you posted when I eventually get over my current problem with the firewall...good to converse with you davidsss and may all your d/l be good ones !

Antonio :wave:

2006-07-21, 02:28 PM
I'm having the same issue as well in using Bit Tornado. I changed everything as stated on portforward.com, set up a static IP, etc .... Still says I'm firewalled. I'm running Windows XP with a Linksys Router and McAfee Firewall. Just wondering if it could be my ISP which is Cablevision. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!