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2006-06-29, 06:09 PM
I am working on a remaster of a show that was torrented here by kc135mech. It was the Fillmore West show from 1969-04-27. It was the wrong speed, bass was very weak, tape hiss, etc...

My questions are:

1)Does slowing digitally produce digital artifacts (I am slowing between 9 and 11% pending results from my final spectrum tests) and if so will i be better off outputting to an analog source (I have high quality reel to reel tape recorders, tapes and outboard dbx noise supressors to minimize further hiss contamination) and slow the recording mechanically (obviously the ideal solution would be to recapture from the source tape at proper speed)

2)as far as eq goes--and the answer to this may be related in some ways to the answer to the above question--can I loop out of the computer through my outboard analog eq's then recapture the eq'd material. I know that this is yet another D/A>A/D conversion which could introduce digital artifacts.

3)if the recording needs to stay totally in the digital realm (which i would prefer) then can anyone recomend a technique, software program or website that can help me duplicate an eq curve i create using my analog eq---i am still a little old school when it comes to tweaking audio--i like sliders and knobs over a keyboard an a mouse

4)i am planning on not touching the tape hiss at this time. I would rather not screw up the recording in that way. That's not a question, I know. Anyway, I can't help but to think that over the next few years noise removal techniques and software will grow more and more powerful and music friendly.

any advice will be welcomed


2006-06-30, 12:48 AM
I wouldn't loop out of the computer and back in.. more hiss / higher noise floor will result. Get Adobe Audition for your software. It does well with speed correction... a guy named Jim Mitchell did a tutorial a while back.. maybe you can find that. Audition has plenty of ways to work with the audio (and really screw it up, too - be careful).. it's got graphic EQs and parametric eqs.. compressors, limitors,, etc

I think this has been done to this tape, but I don't recall where I saw it. This is the favored recording of the date for some people. I have the tape, but I've not done anything to it.. it's kind of a curiosity to me.