View Full Version : Problem with source material result code = -18771

2006-06-26, 08:42 PM
anyone know what this code means?? I've downloaded the 94 phish bluegrass torrent. I'm using toast, and half way through the encoding phase, this error pops up. Says there is a problem with the source material. I've been successful in the past burning torrents, so this is driving me nuts. I've also tried to download the torrent again with no avail. Thanks for the input in advance.
also, probably a stupid question, but how do you turn off a firewall on a mac. My buddy was over messing with my mac, and I believe the firewall is turned on now somehow.

2006-06-26, 09:21 PM
Sys Bitrate: Original (9000+)
Bitrate: 1536 KB/s

since the combined bitrate of the video and all audio streams associated with it can't exceed 10080kbps, I think this may be the problem.