View Full Version : Parent Directory

Sean O'Zimmy
2006-06-26, 05:12 PM
Somehow I am failing to create the parent directory, Help? Thank you

2006-06-26, 05:46 PM
Failing to create it when? Are you trying to make a torrent and you aren't sure how to structure the directory?

Sean O'Zimmy
2006-06-26, 09:03 PM
I received an error status saying failed to create parent directory after I had dragged the files into Azureus.

2006-06-26, 11:37 PM
So you were creating a torrent? Or you were trying to download something?

When I think of Parent Directory, I think of creating a torrent. So, create a folder, put all of the files into that folder, then when creating the torrent, you select that you will be creating the torrent from a Directory. Then, you select that folder you created (the one will all the files) when you go to select what to create the torrent from.