View Full Version : Need help fixing & enhancing show!

2006-06-25, 09:49 AM
I just went to Theory of a deadman in saginaw last night. Awesome show. just as good as I expected, played right to the tee, and I was 10 ft from stage, recorded it all with a Sony ICD-B300, which is just a voice recorder. no it doesnt sound great cuz it has no bass or a rich sound, but listening at low levels through the recorder, it sounds like I could fix it up some. I still have yet to transfer it to my PC, but I have all software needed, WaveLab, soundforge, anything is at my leisure, but didnt know what processes, EQ, or filters I should put this show through. I know it may depend on how it sounds right now, but put it this way, it's got that underwater sound and distorted bad at high level sound. Just a question on what the basics are for this, as I'm returning the sound recorder on monday only cuz i bought it for this purpose. thanks for any input!!!

of course im going to post it once im done!!! i wanna share an original!!