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2006-06-22, 07:15 PM
Last Saturday, I DL a show. I stopped the UPL temperarily so I could convert the FLAC files to audio in order to burn an audio CD. I then tried to move the file from my Torrent folder on my computer to another folder. I received an error message that told me I couldn't do that because the file was in use by another program. So I decided to copy the files from the folder I created from the DL that was in my Torrent folder into a new folder. After I copied the file, I attempted to resume the UPL process, but instead I received an error message telling me the file couldn't be found. I ended up completely removing the file UPL/seeding position, after I got that error. How can I resume the UPL process?

2006-06-22, 07:20 PM
Hi Martha,

Welcome to TTD. :wave:

What bittorrent client are you using and what Operating System?

2006-06-22, 07:49 PM
I use Azureus version is my Bittorrent program, & my operating system is Windows XP w/Service Pack 2. I usually DL from u2torrent.com.
Martha :wave:

2006-06-22, 10:05 PM
Well, first off, this site doesn't 'work' any different than U2T.

I can't tell if your torrent was deleted or if Azureus thinks your files are deleted. Did you save the torrent file to your hard drive? Hopefully you didn't move it when you moved the other files or that would be why it's confused. If you want to tell Azureus to seed from a different location, you need to right click > Advanced > Files > Move Data Files and tell Azureus where you moved the files too.

2006-06-23, 08:49 AM
This is the first time I have ever stopped a show during the UPL process to convert the files from FLAC to audio in order to burn a CD. I normally wait until the whole process is done, but I was anxious to burn the CD because I was giving a copy of the show as a gift to someone. I think when I copied the file I moved the essential parts of the file that made the connection with tracker.

I removed the file from my Azuerus program, but I still have the file on my hard drive. I want to take the DL file from The Trader's Den & place it in the UPL que, so I can complete the UPL process.

2006-06-23, 09:23 AM
I think when I copied the file I moved the essential parts of the file that made the connection with tracker.

I doubt that. The program (Azureus in this case) makes the connection with the tracker, with the info from the .torrent file.

Download the .torrent file again and save it to where you saved it last time. It will check to see if all the files are there, and if they are, it will work.

Or, you can look at the files list on the torrent site and then move the files from wherever they are to the right folder.

I dont really know if I understand what your problem is though.

2006-06-23, 02:01 PM
On Sunday, I DL an audio file from The Trader's Den through my Aznerus program. It completed the DL, & it moved from the DL process to the Seeding/Uploading process. When it had uploaded 99.42MB of the total 778.92MB, I stopped the uploading process, & subsequently removed the file from the Seeding/Uploading position. I did this so I could convert the FLAC files I DL to WAV files so I could burn an audio CD.

Now I want to complete the Seeding/Uploading process so I can give back the full 778.92MB that I DL If the file is in on my hard drive in 100% is it possible to put it back in the Seeding/Uploading position? If so how to do I do that? Do I need to DL the file again in order to reconnect it to the Seeding/Uploading process?

2006-06-23, 02:22 PM
Ah, you removed the torrent file from Azureus. OK, open up Azureus and drag the torrent file into the upper window. It will ask you were to save the files. Select the folder that you originally selected when you started it in the first place. It will then start and it will start verifying how much of the download is complete. When it reaches 100%, it will move the torrent file to the bottom half of the screen and start seeding/uploading like before.

2006-06-23, 02:34 PM
Thanks for everyone's help. :) I managed to get myself reconnected into seeding mode. I clicked on my Torrent file I DL from The Trader's Den, that I saved onto my hard drive. I right clicked it, & it asked me what I wanted to open the file with, & I said Azuerus, it then re-connected to Azuerus in the DL mode, but after checking it moved into the Seeding/Uploading mode. I am not sure why it didn't work last Sunday, but I think I was trying everything, & I screwed things up.