View Full Version : Can anybody in the Seattle area convert a few VHS tapes to DVD for me?

2006-06-22, 05:59 PM
Hey now Groovers,

I have a few VHS tapes I would like to convert to DVD. The thing is I no longer have a VHS-player or a capture card :-(

I am looking for somebody willing to help me out with this endeavor. It is a mix of various things: ARU, Buddy Guy, ABB, SRV and Robert Plant. I was hoping somebody local (Seattle area) might respond; otherwise I might be willing to snail mail you the tapes. I want to make it as simple for you as possible. Just a straight conversion, no menu's, etc. I can do that portion myself.

If you are willing to help, please get back to me here or at tradefulhead at yahoo dot com

Thanks, peace~


2006-06-22, 08:00 PM
I wouldnt mind helping out...although I live in Chicago...just pay media mail shipping along with blanks and Ill do it.

2006-06-23, 06:22 AM
Who does B&P's anymore?

Just ship me the tapes media mail, forget the blanks, and I'll do them for ya.