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2005-01-05, 09:25 PM
Hi Everyone -

Just authored my first DVD from a show I videotaped with a Panasonic PV-DV800D MiniDV camcorder. I transferred the show to my PC via Firewire using WinDV as the capture software. I converted the video to DVD compatible Mpeg2 w/ Tmpgenc and used VirtualDub to pull the audio from the .avi as LPCM. I authored the DVD with Tmpgenc Author.

When I have Gspot look at the VOB the audio section tells me the audio is LPCM (fine) but does not tell me the bit rate. ANy idea why? Kind of an authoring noob here...

Oh and while I'm here...when I eventually torrent this would the lineage be:

MiniDV > DVD or should I say
MiniDV > AVI > MPEG2 > DVD

Something else?



New Homebrew
2005-01-05, 10:28 PM
LPCM bitrate is constant, a little over 1500kbps.

2005-01-05, 10:35 PM
LPCM bitrate is constant, a little over 1500kbps.

OK - Thx...I suspected as much...


2005-01-05, 10:58 PM
For lineage I would say:
MiniDV->Computer(firewire)->.avi(winDV)->MPEG(TMPGenc) ->DVD (TMP DVD Author)
Just my personal preference.
Congrats on the authoring job too!

2005-01-05, 11:40 PM
Thanks Jaguar! I'm really impressed w/ the quality I can get from my somewhat outdated system.. it just takes time (550mhz P3).

Just discovered that my Panasonic minidv camcorder has analog pass-thru to firewire..so I can hook up any analog video source to my camcorder and run it right through the firewire to the pc. Pretty psyched!


2005-01-06, 08:13 AM
Jaguarracer is right....put as much information in as you can, including what hardware/software you used to make the transfer. At least, in the future, it will help identify different versions and sources.

Yes, LPCM bitrate is just over 1500, and is always constant.

2005-01-06, 07:46 PM
This (1536kbps) only holds true for 16/48 LPCM data. However, if I remember correctly DVD-V specs allow up to 24/96 (4608kbps).

(# channels * bits/sample * samples/second / 1000; afaik LPCM is limited to two channels on dvd-v)