View Full Version : Help for a newbie, download trouble or am I just impatient?

2006-06-18, 08:48 PM
Hey now,

I scoured the posts looking for an answer to this to no avail.. so I apologize if this is a totally lame question.

I downloaded the (Stevie Ray Vaughan 1979-xx-xx "We Are Called Double Trouble" (FLAC) torrent, opened it up in azerus on a pc running xp. it started to download. then eventually started to upload and finally stopped downloading after only 300 MB downloaded.

I forwarded 6 or 7 ports through the windows firewall as well as through the router and the nate checks out ok through Az. When I look at the peers list on the den's website for this show, it appears that there is at least one person seeding at 100% so the show appears to be active.

I've been at work all day today so I decided to try and download to the mac here and it seems to be working ok. so what am I doing wrong at home?

thanks for any suggestions


2006-06-19, 12:54 AM

I just looked at your profile and you are downloading three shows just fine. I can't tell if they are from your Mac or PC.

2006-06-19, 05:00 AM
Thanks Lynne.

But I was donwloading one show at work, and uploading 2 shows from home. I had to stop the one at work, and when now that I am home, I see that the SRV show is still stopped at 47% and there appears to be plenty of people there with at least 94% (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/downloadtor.php?attachmentid=13137)

so I am confused as to why it won't download any more.



2006-06-19, 11:48 PM
Hi Again,

Thanks again for looking into this, I think I may have figured it out, I thought that I had set my settings to the Azerus good settings, so I ran through it again and it all seems to be working well now. Sorry to be a pain in the .... newbie.

Lar :rolleyes: