View Full Version : The perpetual firewall issue

2006-06-14, 09:59 PM
I'm on a Mac iBook g4 which tells me the appropriate ports (#6881 thru 6889) are open. Yet, next to my name is the red "Firewalled" warning. I'm using "Azureus" and everything works fine uploading and downloading. Speeds seem the same as always. The "Firewalled" warning is recent and seems to coincide with my recent re-install of "Safari" after my three year old trashed my original. Should I be concerned or just live with the red warning? Thanks for the help!

2006-06-14, 10:09 PM
Since you are showing up as firewalled on both the torrents you are on, then yes, I think you really are firewalled. (If it just shows up occassionally, then it could be a fluke when the tracker went to check.)

Your computer can only tell you if you have those ports forwarded in it, not in your router. So, head over to portforward.com and make sure you forwarded those ports through your router. I don't think Safari does anything regarding Azureus (I use firefox on my Mac, not Safari, but I don't seem to recall Safari effecting any Azureus preferences when I used to use it).

Being firewalled simply means you may not connect to any other people who are firewalled. If everyone else on the torrent is NOT firewalled, you will see no difference in speed at all. If everyone else on the torrent IS firewalled, you will have no speed at all. Any case inbetween will have some result inbetween those two.

2006-06-15, 06:41 AM
Thanks for taking the time to answer and for the info. I'll check out the portforward.com site and see what can be done. Salud