View Full Version : How much help to moderators want policing torrents?

2005-01-05, 04:31 AM
I'd figured that if we spot something that doesn't conform to the seeding guidelines, it's best to post in the thread explaining to the seeder to try to take some of the work of moderator's backs. Some of the problems are getting very repetitive and I can see you guys getting sick of typing the same things to people over and over again just because they haven't read the rules properly.

However, this seed (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2253) has SO much wrong with it that I feel kinda bad for cracking down on the seeder so much. Just wondering whether it's actually better to leave this job to the moderator's so that TTD doesn't get a reputation for hostility and "we-don't-want-your-seed" elitism.

Responses awaited

2005-01-05, 07:50 AM
Rob, the BEST thing you can do is to report the the thread using the triangle with the ! in it, below the poster's avatar. Then it will alert the attention of all the mods, and the thread will be removed promptly. Posting in the thread doesn't help us know there is a problem until we read through it.

2005-01-05, 08:28 AM
Yep, that would be a much better and FAR more obvious idea :rolleyes:. I'll make sure I stick to that in the future :thumbsup