View Full Version : I would like to share this show but......

2006-06-03, 08:49 AM
I would like to share this show but I have encountered 2 issues I'm concerned about, and I want to see if it's still ok to do so. If anybody is interested, its Black Sabbath "Ozzy Rules Budapest" silver CD.

1: I'm getting a "Suspicious Position" message when ripping in EAC (Secure). I have listened to that segment of the wav, and I cannot hear any errors.

2: On a completely different track, the disc has a minor scratch/skip. I have used CoolEdit to perfectly remove the skip.

Would these two issues prohibit this disc from being shared here?

2006-06-03, 12:39 PM
if there is no better silver rip circulating, you can seed it including the .log and notes about the corrections you've made.

also be sure to fix any sbes created by the corrections