View Full Version : stats not showing

2006-06-01, 01:19 PM
I am downloading a beatles torrent now at a fairly good clip. but when I check my profile page AND the peers list on the torrent page, I show no stats. My name is there, but all stats show as 0. i think even my ratio is uneffected. I'm not firewalled. Stumped.

2006-06-01, 04:17 PM
could you please repost here:

not sure which beatles show you're talking about, the ultra rare trax is on the old old tracker from over a year ago (which doesn't keep stats) but I don't see you there.

2006-06-01, 08:59 PM
I see you both in your profile and in the Peers List with stats next to each. Don't forget that a good client will wait at least 20 minutes, if not at least 30 or so, between announces. So you should never expect yourself to be shown in the lists right away.