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2006-06-01, 06:28 AM
You must have had this question many times before, but i`m very very new to this, so be gentle with me.

I have tried to use TLH to create a md5 checksum or fingerprint, but whatever i do, i keep getting the message (when trying to create them) that the file does not exist.

I opened the flac files (as mentioned in the program itself), but just cannot get it to create them.

I have searched the net for FAQs but can`t find anything.
I also searched for another program to create these files, but a newbie like me would only get into trouble when trying to use those (as they are complicated for me to use).

I hope one of you can help me, because i really don`t know what to do next.

2006-06-01, 08:21 AM
Well it seems the problem lies in the fact that i encoded the files in another program than TLH.
So the problem is now solved.

But after uploading the torrent and checking my uTorrent tracker info, it`s says the following:

Tracker sending invalid data: d1:failure reason22:Invalid passkey (0 - )e.

What does that mean, and what can be done about it?

It`s my first post/upload, and i have not had any errors during upload or anything.

So any info/help is welcome!

Thanks. :help:

2006-06-01, 10:21 AM
re: trader's little helper
the program you made the FLAC files with does not make any difference... it is probably something else. perhaps you need to select "all files" from the dropdown, or else it will only display one file type. best to post about TLH in the dev thread:

also, there is a tutorial in my signature where it says "Checksums Demystified".

re: invalid passkey
there is a notice at the top of every forum informing you that you need to re-download all torrents that were created before wednesday passed, and also re-download torrents when you are seeding. more info here: