View Full Version : Urgent! What the hell has happened?

2006-05-29, 06:53 PM
I just got this message (see atachment).

I have no idea why it poppued up. I scanned my PC for viruses using a fully-updated Norton 2003 just yesterday.
I usually run torrents in Azureus with Peer Guardian 2 enabled. My computer has seen nothing new in the past week or so which was not from torrents I have been running for a while.
That is, apart from uTorrent, which I switched over to rather than Azureaus a few minutes agao. But I am still using the same torrents as I was before.
I got uTorrent from http://www.utorrent.com/ (http://download.utorrent.com/1.5/uTorrent-1.5-install.exe). Is this the official site? Is it safe?

I noticed that Peer Guardian was disabled, while torrents have been running. Is it possible that somebody tried to attack my computer?

I don't wanna do what it says incase it is not a real Windows warning. I can't see anything bad people could do to me by using my real version of Windows; but I don't want to just in case. Is it possible Microsoft has found me out and is trying to disable me?

I really have no idea what happened. Any help would be great, I'm scared to turn my PC off now!


2006-05-29, 07:04 PM
I would make a post to the utorrent forums about this:

perhaps they have the answer, I haven't seen anyone come across that one before though.

2006-05-29, 07:07 PM
Thanks, will do.
But suppose this isn't uTorrent related though? I'm scared I may have been attacked for some reason. Afterall, the most recent Microsoft certificate I own is from 1995, and they've been known to do things like this.

2006-05-29, 07:15 PM
Ok its up at http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=10293

2006-05-29, 08:16 PM
I don't think you're under attack. but it is strange, so far as I know utorrent doesn't do any installation-type stuff tho I could be wrong. You're the first person I've heard this problem from, so perhaps it is something else?

2006-05-29, 08:45 PM
Yeah I'm guessing its not uTorrent-related.
I just realised in my Norton log that I had a trojan 2 days back, but it has been removed and Norton now isn't finding anything. Is Norton likely to haveany missing virus deffinitions? Is it reliable to always be up-to-date (I pdated deffinitions about 20 minutes ago).

2006-05-29, 09:34 PM
I've heard from several ppl that AVG is better... I've been using the free version for years, when I first installed it, it found lots of stuff norton didn't. if it doesn't help you can always uninstall it.


2006-05-30, 06:30 AM
Ok thanks. I seem to be hearing a lot of good stories about AVG, so I'm installing it right now.

I also just installed ClamWin FireFox Glue (scans all downloaded fiels from FF). However, it doesn't seem to be working. Whenever I open FF, it tells me that a file could not be found. This problem is stated on the program's download page, but not answered.

2006-05-30, 07:40 AM
I saw that message before, actually, and it happens when, as the message says, something installs itself and replaces some Windows files w/ it's own...
To be honest, though, I forget what I did...I think I just inserted the Windows disc as it asked and it repaired itself...
When Norton found the trojan, did you repair the file or quarentine and destroy it ?
Also try HitmanPro, but look out when you run it...it's a script and it's fast and may install protective shit in your browser that you may not want....if you don't select the right option, you may enable their installation....they can change the way web pages appear....
More than that I know nothing ???? :hmm:

2006-05-30, 03:00 PM
Yeah I tried letting it replace the file itself... didn't recognise my CD for some reason. So I left the thing how it was, haven't had any problems so far...

2006-05-30, 03:43 PM
did you click the "more information" button?

2006-05-30, 05:16 PM
Yeah it gave me a list of possible reasons why it couldn't install, eg: Wrong CD in drive. But I wasn't trying to install anything in the first place!

Starman: Norton automatically deleted the file.

Someone on the uTorrent forums has basically told me that WFP is oversensitive and will warn at too many changes, even done by Windows update. And basically that although this warns of system instability; if a majorly important file was damaged/replaced, it has either been done well, otherwise my PC would not function at all.
...Makes sence to me.