View Full Version : How do you guys feel about Doors Collector Magazine Torrents?

2005-01-03, 11:55 AM
I was just wondering what you stance is on Doors Collector Magazine seeds here? This quote is taken from there trade list (you can send them stamps for shows)

These liveshows are the best of the best. We've carefully assembled the following digital recordings from The Doors Collectors Magazine's 13-year quest to find the best 'live show' recordings. These live performances come from our personal archive of over 275 bootleg CDs, over 300 bootleg LPs and countless tapes. These are complete shows or as much as exists of them. The following are quality recordings you can trust to be the best that is available.source: http://www.doors.com/liveshow/CDR.html

Since they don't supply a lineage before the cdr, could we guess that it would be DCM CDR(m)>CDR(1) would be the lineage for the cd that i receive in the mail? So just wondering what you guys thought of that because only one Doors show has been put up here so far and i could more up in the future but they are from DCM.

2005-01-03, 12:12 PM
I would like Raindawg to confirm, but this sounds fine to me. Please listen thru carefully for diginoise and such, and add a little more to the beginning of the lineage... maybe something like this (for an audience recording, for example):
?mics > ?analog recorder > ? > DCM CDR(m) > CDR(1) > EAC > FLAC

2005-01-03, 12:20 PM
I just took a look at that site..... very interesting. Anyway, it looks like it is in no way associated with The Doors, is that correct?

In regards to the lineage though, if you look carefully at the site, most of these are taken from tapes. Some of the shows even say if they are first gen tapes and from who's collection (some with links).

So, the lineage is actually something like:

aud/sbd > ?? > analog tape (low gen) > CDR (theirs) > CDR (yours) > etc.

I don't see a problem with this. I took a look on the official Doors website forum and did a quick look and that site seems to be the one people are sent to for live shows (if they aren't into trading!). I would only want it here if you got the disc directly from them, just to make sure it's the lowest generation from this 'bootleg' operation (can you call them that when they don't take money, only postage stamps?). Also, if the show you have is on that list with a link to another person's site, see if you can gather more information on it.

edit: looks like Five posted the same as I.

2005-01-03, 02:14 PM
I don't have a problem with it, as long as it's well notated and as long as they're digitally clean.