View Full Version : personal torrent file question

2006-05-24, 02:01 PM
OK, I am on a torrent that has 4 seeds & 27 leechers & my speed is good, what happens if i stop & re-down load a personal torrent file, I see NO seeders and only 2 Leechers on this torrent... will my speed go away, i would think so...


2006-05-24, 02:10 PM
Yes, your speed will go away initially. You are only still connected to the torrent because of DHP (or whatever that is called). I know that initially it doesn't sound like you want to switch torrents, but it is best for everyone to move over to this new system.

2006-05-24, 02:18 PM
DHT = Distributed Hash Table.

mmmm... hash :cool:

2006-05-24, 02:22 PM
everyone will figure it out eventually and stuff should get back to normal...

2006-05-24, 02:34 PM
OK, thanks for the answers... you mods are great !!