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2006-05-19, 02:06 PM
I've just installed the lasted version of BitTorrent and just out of nowhere it loses the connection and my uploads and downloads stop. I have to close it and restart it again. Does anyone else have this problem? Shoud I use a different client?


2006-05-19, 07:12 PM
when i have the window open with no torrents running it still uploads....what and to whom i dont know, but its uploading. a small amount but it is uploading.

and some thingelse that bothering me is i just installed a new 512 ram chip in my emac and now that same client, BT 4.4.1, is failing hash checks, like, every 5 mins and sometimes erroring out all together.... :hmm:

i downloaded azereus so i might be switching sonn....

but i love BT........ :hmm:

2006-05-19, 09:09 PM
shopkin Az is definitely the best program for Mac.

2006-05-19, 09:12 PM
Oh and rjs I suggest switching clients. If you're on a PC I suggest utorrent at utorrent.com.

I'm not sure that will fix your problem but it's worth a shot.

2006-05-19, 09:33 PM

2006-05-20, 12:48 AM
well mine is running better now....

rjs02 are you mac or PC.....im mac and i know i had issues with every version past 4.1.2 untill i went to OSX10.4.... :wave:

2006-05-20, 05:49 PM
I'm using XP on a PC. I was using an old version of BT, 3.4.2 maybe... and never had any problems. I thought it was time to enter the year 2006 and downloaded the latest version. Bad idea...

uTorrent seems to be working fine so far.. :)