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2006-05-18, 12:15 PM
Hi all-
I have a question about the tracker here.
I'm currently seeding 2 torrents, but they do not show up on the tracker so I'm not getting upload ratio credit.

I've only stopped the client (uTorrent) to transfer the torrent files from my server to my main computer for burning (after completing my download). When I re-start uTorrent, I see that I'm indeed uploading, and my ratio is increasing, at least from uTorrents perspective. I've clicked "update tracker" thinking this would fix it, but it has no effect.

Am I missing something here?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2006-05-18, 12:29 PM
Make sure you log on to the site from the same computer you are torrenting from so that the tracker knows who you are. You can look at your profile to see if the tracker recognizes the torrents you are on: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/member.php?userid=93743

2006-05-18, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the response.
Same computer all the time (downloading/seeding that is).
Is the problem that I'm at work now and viewing my stats?

And yes, that's where I've been checking to see if the torrents I'm seeding/downloading are listed.

I thought the my server might be down (I'm at work), but my U2 torrent seeding at U2Torrents.com is still listed as active there.

Any ideas?
Might be time for a re-boot.

2006-05-18, 12:39 PM
Well, did you log on to the site from your home computer as soon as you started the torrents? Some people have dynamic IPs (like myself) and so everytime you start a torrent, you need to logon to the site from that computer because your IP may have changed.

Do you know which two torrents you are on or what the IP number is that is showing up on the Peers List? If you, I can manually enter your user id into our database so the stats start updating.

2006-05-18, 12:55 PM
I don't believe I logged on to the site when I re-started the tracker last night.
I do indeed have a dynamic IP address so that's probably the issue.

I'm currently seeding:
AC/DC 1978-xx-xx The Bon Scott Years (NTSC)
U2 1987-11-18 Joshua Tree L.A 1987-11-18 dvd (NTSC)

I don't know the IP address in the peer list as I'm not at home right now.

I do have a no-ip account, so is there any way to use this to eliminate this situation? Granted I do have the free no-ip account, so I only have a domain name and not an IP address that resolves to my server.

Thanks for the information.
I'll log in to the site when I return home tonight.
Good information to know, after all, I'm relatively new to the whole torrent application.

2006-05-18, 01:19 PM
OK, I've got you listed on those torrents now.

We are actually going to be going to a passkey system very soon. This will eliminate these sort of problems since when you download the torrent, it will become associated with you no matter where you are logging onto the site.

2006-05-18, 04:11 PM
Cool :)

At least now I know what to do to keep things straight.
The tracker at U2Torrents seems to work no mater where I log on from, must be a different system.

Thanks again for your help.