View Full Version : Sharing non 'lossless' music

2006-05-16, 09:44 AM
Hi guys, I've got a load of stuff to share that is excellent quality but, unfortunately, has been in mp3 format. (This was due to a PC with only a 2GB hard drive!).

Don't know anyone on Oink so can't get an invite. Does anyone know any other appropriate sites. Thanks. :wave:

2006-05-17, 08:24 AM
Depends on what it is. Some people on bootleg.org.uk still go for MP3. Just make sure you indicate it.

2006-05-17, 02:47 PM
sure, there's lots of sites...warehousegroove.com/news, demonoid.com, xsharex.info, torrentspy.com, etc. etc.

also, check the lounge theres a thread there about oink invites


2006-05-19, 07:56 AM
Thanks for the help guys. I'll give them a try.