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2005-01-01, 05:20 PM
Sorry in advance for the dumb question, but how do I install binaries into Multi Frontend. Tried to download them from deep elem's site but I get a wierd message (at least, wierd to me). :hmm: TIA

2005-01-01, 06:13 PM
What is the message?

2005-01-01, 06:31 PM
Here's the message:

External protocol request.
An external application must be launched to handle magnet links.
Requested link:
If you were not expecting this request it may be an attempt to exploit a weakness in that other program.

And buttons to either launch application or cancel.

Hope this helps you help me, and thanks.

2005-01-02, 08:52 AM
You using Mozilla, or (Blech) Internet Explorer? If yes to the latter, then shame on you!

2005-01-02, 09:54 AM
My web page uses magnet links in order to distribute the files with the least amount of bandwidth. I am still getting the hang of magnet links but my understanding is that if you don't have any p2p software installed, i.e. shareaza, edonkey, etc. then your browser will default to the http link included in the magnet link and simply download the file the old fashioned way. But I could be wrong. When you get that message again click OK and tell your browser to go ahead. If that still doesn't work let me know and I will modify the links.

Ok I've done some further reading and it seems that Internet Explorer doesn't support magnet links at all. Mozilla Firefox does support them but I'm not sure yet whether it will default to http download if no p2p software is installed. So I will modify all the links later today to make sure IE can download.

2005-01-02, 10:38 AM
Hi uhclem :wave: It's good to see you again. You had me confused at first with your new username. I thought you were Charlie (deepelem) for a while!

I'm glad to see you back.

2005-01-02, 10:51 AM
Yes indeed it's me. :wave: It's good to see u2 lynne, and the old gang.

I was away on vacation when STG died. When I found out about it I did a search and found this site but it was almost entirely brand new, as I recall, and not ready to register members. I was pleased to look again recently and find you were open for business. Looking good.

So just out of curiosity, what's the inside scoop on the demise of STG? All I've read is that a 'former mod' hacked the site and Grey got sick of trying to fix it. But I don't know if that's true or not. Can you fill me in or point me to a source of info?

Anyway, keep up the good work here.

2005-01-02, 11:25 AM
Thanks for the help, all. In answer to RainDawg's question, I use Mozilla. When I click on "launch application," DC++ (which I have started to install but haven't yet configured) is launched. Is this what should happen?

2005-01-02, 03:35 PM
I've changed my web page to take into account folks who don't have any sort of p2p software installed (other than bittorrent). I've also added eDonkey (ed2k) links for people on that network whose software doesn't use magnet links.

To answer your question mountaindew, it sounds to me like it's working fine for you. There is nothing sinister about magnet links so if mozilla tries to open DC++ for you that says to me that DC++ is configured to download via magnet links, which I didn't know since I don't have it. So go ahead and see if DC++ starts downloading the file for you.

If DC++ succeeds, the idea is for you to then share the file on whatever p2p networks DC++ connects to. This way we can spread these files around via p2p instead of using up the bandwidth at the various web servers where these files originate.

2005-01-02, 04:50 PM
mountaindew: I just had a look at the DC++ homepage and it says that DC++ does handle magnet links if the right hash is used. So I put in the proper hashes for DC++ since so many audio traders use it.

Have a look at this link (http://dcplusplus.sourceforge.net/faq/faq.php?display=faq&faqnr=49&catnr=3&prog=1&lang=en&onlynewfaq=1) for more info on DC++ and magnet links.

2005-01-02, 05:22 PM
So just out of curiosity, what's the inside scoop on the demise of STG? All I've read is that a 'former mod' hacked the site and Grey got sick of trying to fix it. But I don't know if that's true or not. Can you fill me in or point me to a source of info?
Somewhere deep in "The Lounge" section there's a couple threads with a lot of info. Probably easier to find something at www.tunesonthemove.net in GD. STG went down, we were hanging out at tunesonthemove, Gray suddenly put it up, we all went back and busted our asses to bring ABTD back up to date, then it suddenly went down and has stayed down 'cause Gray didn't pay the bills. He's had some serious troubles in his personal life so STG was no longer a priority for him. So we started up a new site.

Great to see you here, UhClem:wave: We were actually looking for you to invite you to help beta test this site before it opened. I thought you were Charlie at first, too! His user name is DeepElem, thus the confusion.

2005-01-02, 06:44 PM
:wave: Howdy Five!

Just to avoid further confusion I'm back to my old name.

2005-01-02, 06:55 PM
I coulda changed it for you uhclem. But, it is nice to see your name back. Now, how about an avatar. It's funny, but I rarely look at usernames, I know people by their avatars. :)

2005-01-02, 07:06 PM
Hey lynne, if you could convert my deep_elem name to uhclem and combine this uhclem account with it that would be very cool.

I will post an avatar in the near future.

2005-01-02, 07:16 PM
All done! Deep_Elem has ceased to exist.

You know, it's strange, but it's just so nice to have you back. You were the one last Technobabble person that was on our MIA list. You were missed!