View Full Version : help with flac fingerprints

2006-05-08, 02:14 PM
Hey...i have an internet buddy with the best collection of flac Guns N Roses I've ever seen...like a hundred perfect shows...his english isnt great...but he says his torrent maker doesn't give fingerprints (or more likely, he can't figure out how to do it :) ) ...can any one recommend a torrent maker that easily gives Flac fingerprints? If he can figure out how to use it, the community will benefit immeasurably... thanks,


2006-05-08, 02:36 PM
If you mean the program that generates the torrent, I haven't seen one with the ability to extract fingerprints. You need a 2nd program.

If your buddy's on a PC get to to download a program called TLH it can do the fingerprints and a bunch more. The link is in my signature below ("checksums demysitified")

2006-05-08, 03:41 PM
thanks ...that helps alot...we'll see if he can make heads or tails of it :wave: