View Full Version : How to convert to mp3/itunes?

Drew neidert
2006-05-07, 08:13 PM
How can i convert these downloaded showes to mp3 files or put them on itunes?
in novice terms?

2006-05-07, 09:07 PM
First you need to decompress them to wav. Then you can drop them into iTunes as wav or, once they are in iTunes, you can set your Preferences to convert to mp3 and then select the song and convert it to mp3. If you are wanting to put it in iTunes in order to burn a CD, I would suggest instead using a regular burning program and burning the wav files. They will sound so much better. I think foobar2000 will actually take the flac files and burn them directly to CD as an audio disc. Take a look at the Software section in our FAQ for conversion software and/or burning software links.

2006-05-20, 11:47 PM
I've been using gx transcoder to convert to mp3 for my ipod,
I then do an A:B check to see if the sound quality takes a hit.
since the mp3's are only for the ipod and I keep a backup of the original files for the future when flac is supported by everything.
all my cd's are ripped to mp3 at the moment to cut down on size and even then I'm @<hidden>+ and growing, at the moment I'll take the sound quality hit to have access to all my collection