View Full Version : torrents have stopped??

2006-05-02, 08:05 PM
Just today my torrents have stopped downloading and uploading. They will start in small spurts and then stop completly. I think it might have something to do with the tracker, sometimes azureus will say it is ok, other times it says ok (dht:), and somtimes it will read error. Not really sure what it all means.

It also says that I connect but do not have any remote connection, any help would be appreciated

2006-05-02, 09:23 PM
Well, both the trackers are running just fine, so the problem isn't that the tracker is unavailable. It saying you connect but don't have any remote connection would mean that you are not able to connect to anyone (because one or both of you are firewalled).

I know we are talking in the other thread about your IP problems. I wrote about how there is probably some setting in your browser that is telling sites you have a different IP than you actually have. Did you set up your own computer? Does someone else use it and can they have installed some software that 'fakes' your IP? I think all these things are somehow related.

2006-05-02, 10:16 PM
Wild Blue, internet through dish, just set all this up recently. Just the modem connected straight to pc, no router. It worked fine for about a week and these problems started.

There isn't anybody else using this connection or computer, so I am not really sure why it's happening. Problby is a setting on my PC or something I need to adjust with Azureus, like your saying.

These messages I get from Azureus
-tracker does not support multiple hash scrapes
-please announce less frequently cache is only flushed every three minutes

2006-05-02, 10:30 PM
Did you make some changes to your computer about a week ago when you started having problems? What IP do you show up having at this site: http://www.dslreports.com/ip . Is it the one you think you have or the ones I was saying you have when you logon to the site?

2006-05-02, 10:44 PM
that link says my ip is 70.41.164.xxx I have nto made any changes to the pc recently. Really at a loss here. Right around when this started happening I had problems with repairing the ip or releasing and renewing it. Guess I might need to bring it to a repair shop and see what they can find out.

DO those messages from Azureus mean anything to you? And what does it mean when the tracker is said to bo ok (dht:)?

2006-05-02, 10:46 PM
When I first created this account I had a dial up service, tried to use it and realised it was not going to work with such a slow connection. So that might be one of the ip's you have on file, but i'm not sure about the one you see now.

2006-05-02, 11:00 PM
Ok, strange, your last two posts are showing up with the 70.41.164 IP. Those are the only two posts you have made here that use that IP. So, you did something which is making your IP not be hidden right now. It resolves to cust.wildblue.net right now also. So, my guess is that if you start a torrent right now, your name will show up in the Peers List. Try to think about anything that you might have doen between your post at 8:16 and your post at 8:44 (that's Calfornia time - between post 3 & 5 in this thread).

As for the errors.... dht stands for, um, I forget. But, it is a method for your bt client to keep a torrent going even if the torrent is no longer on the tracker (or the tracker is down). And Azureus sometimes has a nasty habit of announcing too often. I've seen that happen with me too and I have no idea why it sometimes does that. That will cause you to be listed several times on the tracker. But, don't worry about that because there is a tracker cleaner that comes through and gets rid of those ghosts every hour.

2006-05-02, 11:11 PM
your right, my name is attatched to my ip, as to what I did to cause that I am not sure. Still not making any progress though, have to figure it out later, Thanks for your help with this.