View Full Version : how to compress bittorrent files to move them?

2006-04-29, 02:41 AM
Hi,I downloaded a 2gb BT file on my laptop and I want to move it to my desktop.How can I do this?My laptop only has a DVD-ROM-CDRW burner in it.Do I have to break up the files into 700mb chunks via CD-rom?Thanks for any help

2006-04-29, 03:33 AM
you could try connecting the 2 systems

2006-04-29, 04:55 AM
Connecting the two systems would be the easiest solution. Otherwise you can use some sort of compression software like winrar or 7zip to split you files into 700 mb archives.

2006-05-21, 12:58 AM
winrar lets you break up the file into smaller ones and you can check for errors