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2006-04-25, 10:30 AM
OK, here's my situation. One of my shows sounds fine on the original CD, but when I try to back it up or copy it to another CD, I get an annoying crackling noise in certain parts. I'm using Nero 5, and burn DAO (Exact copy). Do I need to slow down the read or write speed? Does Nero have a repair tool? Just wondering if anybody knows off the top of their head. Thanks for your help.

2006-04-25, 05:54 PM
is the "original CD" yer copying from burnt as an Audio CD or a data disc?
does it "crackle" on your computer only, or on a standalone deck as well [i.e. yer car or home stereo]?

slowing down your write rate could help if thats the issu...let us know the answers to the above two ?s and we'll go from there

2006-04-25, 06:48 PM
it could be that your burner is dying... I had this problem once when a burner was dying, the crackles got more frequent and louder on every cdr I burned.

also I recommend setting up EAC with the offsets correct and ripping & burning with that. it is possible to get bit-accurate audio cdr copies using this method.

2006-04-25, 08:26 PM
Thanks so much for the replies. I think my burner is OK, i'm only having this problem with one particular show.

The original is an audio cd, not a data CD. The original CD sounds fine everywhere, car, cd player and computer. I only run into the crackling on copies and the files I rip to Itunes to listen to in my iPod.

Where can I get a copy of EAC? Let me know, thanks.

2006-04-25, 08:36 PM

to configure EAC properly, follow the link in Five's sig above^^^

2006-04-26, 01:55 PM
Appreciate the help. I'll give EAC a try tonight. Thanks.

2006-04-26, 03:13 PM
Don't be terribly surprised if EAC rips the tracks and they still have crackle.
I've had a few discs that went "bad" somehow and act just as you described.
I'm guessing that they have very small bad spots which the error correction
in most CD players fix. When you rip audio from a CD, no error concealing
takes place and you get the raw audio stream, errors and all.

On the plus side, EAC run in different modes gives quite different results, so
try them all: Secure (slowest), Synchronized and Burst. I've gotten audio
of off difficult discs with each. Please take the time to follow the directions
and set up and test EAC properly.

2006-04-28, 05:31 PM
Is it a commercial & copy protected disc?