View Full Version : dvd question

2006-04-23, 07:39 AM
Im trying to obtain a copy of a concert that was filmed (rumours so far) and the person that claims to have this dvd says it only has sound and no picture.Is it possible to have just sound and no picture on dvd and have it play properly??.Also what could be the reason why there is no picture,im looking beyond just leaving the lens cap on.The person has refused several offers to send it to other members on the site i visit,even though they have offered to help him.Any ideas/advice appreciated.

2006-04-24, 04:04 PM
It could have sound and no picture for many reasons. It could have been authored like that. (why, who knows). It could be a compatibility issue where it really does have video but someone's DVD player can't play it correctly (ususally happens with no audio, however). Or It could be a DVD audio disc in which case it was never intended on having video. In which case it would be 24 bit.