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2006-04-22, 07:58 PM
hey all...as you can see by the site in my sig, I'm in dire straits (no pun intended). Uploading a list to every forum is a pain in the @<hidden>$$, the site I'm on right now (freewebs.com) has a problem with their paragraph editor, so consequently everything's just one block...I've got about 225GB of shows (AUD and DVD), and I just tried to upload them to tapetrader.com, but then realized that would take absolutely forever. Instead, I'd like a nice FREE site where they've got some good templates to use that I can just post my list and update when I feel like it...

thanks in advance, calvin

2006-04-22, 10:19 PM
db.etree.org is pretty much the standard one

2006-04-26, 10:41 AM
Yep. db.etree.org is the way to go.

2006-04-26, 07:05 PM
sorry to dissapoint all you purists out there, but filling out information for about 230GB worth of info didn't seem like a heck of a lot of fun. I emailed freewebsm and they explained the problem. I'm still on freewebs, and it seems to be working pretty well...


2006-04-26, 07:33 PM
db.etree.org is the only way to go

just click 'add to my list' link and that's all you have to do...it goes pretty quickly

2006-04-26, 09:37 PM
How many shows are 230 GB? Can't be more than 300 or so...that's not that hard to add, especially if you have text files for them. And db.etree made an upgrade where it's even easier to add shows if you use Firefox (you don't need to browse through multiple pages, it's all on one; I don't trust it quite yet but it's a lot faster than before from the little playing I've done with it: you could probably add 3-4 shows a minute easliy).

Sucking it up now before you get even more shows will be well worth it. And once you get that initial bunch done it's a snap to keep it updated. You can keep audio separate from video and all kinds of other goodies. Plus it's stable as hell. That's the last I'm going to say about it

BTW the link to your list doesn't work at the moment. Is there a feature on your list that db.etree doesn't have or something? Because that's the only reason I can think that you wouldn't want to make the switch. Whatever, I'm not going to waste my e-breath any more.

Edit: When you say "filling out the information", you don't have to do that at db.etree because all the sources (or most of them) are in there. So you pick a show, you pick the source that matches yours (Schoeps, Neumann or whatever) and then press add. There shouldn't be many shows that you have that AREN'T in there unless you collect some out-there genres of music. And if there is you can add it very easily as well.

2006-04-26, 09:59 PM
I have 1500+ Jethro Tull recordings, very few of them exist in their database.
When I tried to enter an interview recording that occurred on the same date
as a concert, there was a conflict. Not worth the time......

Try tapetrader.com, you may like it.

2006-04-27, 07:13 AM
yeah alreaedy tried tapetrader, but that takes absolutely FOREVER to actually type in all the pertinent info.

2006-04-27, 09:13 AM
yeah alreaedy tried tapetrader, but that takes absolutely FOREVER to actually type in all the pertinent info.

Tapetrader has a pretty good import function, you just need to get the
data into one of their required formats.

2006-04-27, 09:16 AM
Did you know that you could import (http://db.etree.org/import.php) your list to Etree? That might get you started.

2006-04-27, 02:12 PM
Did you know that you could import (http://db.etree.org/import.php) your list to Etree? That might get you started.

It flagged almost every one of my shows as not existing in the database.....

2006-04-27, 02:27 PM
It sounds like you've found the option that works best for you.

FWIW, I looked at you list and I'm having a hard time finding anything that's not on Etree except some of the undate stuff and compilations.

2006-06-16, 08:26 AM
This might be an option in the future http://spreadsheets.google.com/

2006-06-17, 12:34 AM
Hey All,
Just reading the thread and wanted to add that almost all internet connects give free web space as a bonus, but people rarely use them. Check with your ISP and they'll give you web addy ect. Your login and password are the same as your e-mail password most times. No free ads cheapest and most hassel free way to go. Most ISP free sites ar 20gig

To turn your Word or Excell list into a web page, simple save as "HTML" file and upload with your FTP program. Publisher comes with some web page tool and templates too.

One more suggestion, cut and paste your list on etree or whatever, no one needs to re-type info. Huge time saver

Cut> Ctrl+X
Paste> Ctrl+V


2006-06-18, 08:02 PM
use http://www.download.com/TapeBase/3000-2130_4-9563618.html?tag=lst-0-1 (there's actually an upgrade on the creator's website) and store it locally. You can never trust a website won't go down and take all your hard work with you. If you register that program you get code to post your list online.