View Full Version : Crooked Video... Should I fix???

2006-04-22, 03:01 PM
Hey all Im working on a new video, my masters are about 5 degrees off of square. I was shooting from far right stage and well there were other factors (don't do drugs....) Question should I just author as is or should I adjust using Vegas, Ive noticed that doing this is going to quadruple my rendering time I'm not sure if it's worth it. I shot anamorphic 16:9 so it's going to leave a little triangle of black at 2 of the corners, will it decrease my video quality??? looking for some input. It's definately watchable as is, only reason it's noticable is the amp stack on stage.

2006-04-22, 03:23 PM
it *shouldn't* decrease the quality, per se...but yer correct, it'll take alot longer to render large clips when they've been rotated...you'll just have to decide if the amount of improvement is worth the time/resources

2006-04-22, 03:46 PM
Thanks for the advice AAR. I just authored it as is am going to watch it through and decide from there. The fact that I work on a single Hard Drive laptop makes the rendering even longer I'm guessing it would take around 30 hours to render this 2 hour video if I rotated it, and would probably cause my hard drie to catch on fire

2006-04-22, 03:53 PM
maybe you should have an extinguisher handy if you decide to try it :lol

2006-04-24, 02:26 PM
I'd rotate it. You can rotate it and then slightly scale it up and you won't see the black triangles. Also remember that most TVs crop out a little bit of your viewable area from the pc.

Last project I worked on was a three cam. Two of the cams were rotated, scaled, etc... It also had a slideshow with fades/transitions. Those also eat up rendering time. It took about 38 hours to encode per hour of video. That's on a fast computer too....