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Dave G.
2006-04-22, 07:29 AM
Fairly recently, and for no reason I can figure out, I've been having trouble seeding. While I used to be able to seed indefinitely, my seeds now seem to stop uploading now after a small while. I look and see that there are still leechers, so I know others are uploading, but now mine "die" after maybe 7 or 10 or 15%. I'm firewalled (and always have been), but still been able to upload at up to 30kbs. My ratio is suffering, and frankly I feel badly about it. If anybody knows how to make some changes (open the ports completely to these sites or whatever), I'd appreciate it. :hmm:

2006-04-22, 08:06 AM
are you on a mac or pc? what client are you using?

you could also check the link in u2lynne's sig about port forwarding, they look pretty good and that's what you need to do...

cheers, calvin

2006-04-22, 09:28 AM
Yeah, what bt client are you using and have you upgraded it lately? Some clients allow you to set a control that will stop seeding after a certain amount. You may want to look and see if your client has that control and if you've somehow accidentally set it.

Dave G.
2006-04-23, 09:23 AM
I'm on a PC, using version 4.4.1. Upgraded to it fairly recently. No finding any settings to change. The one I've got is set to "seed indefinitely".

2006-04-23, 10:47 AM
In Preferences > Queue, do you have anything set there? That is where you could possibily have it set to stop uploading after a certain time.

Dave G.
2006-04-23, 02:04 PM
I don't have "preferences>>>queue", but under "view>>>settings>>>seeding" I have it set to seed indefinitely.

Dave G.
2006-04-28, 07:42 AM
Since I can't get any answers about this, I thought perhaps downloading a new client might be a good way to go. Any suggestions on the best.....(Lynne)?

2006-04-28, 08:34 AM
i run Azureus on my Mac...used to use Shadow's Experimental client on the PC...

2006-04-28, 10:31 AM
A lot of users are starting to use utorrent as their client on the PC (there is a link in the software part of the FAQ for it). I don't have regular bittorrent on my PC, only on my Mac and I would have thought the preferences/settings would be the same since my bittorrent client is also version 4.4.1.

So, you might want to give utorrent a try and see if that helps out.