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2006-04-18, 07:39 AM
i have got tons of great stuff at this tracker but have never seeded a show. i have an uncirculated jacob fred jazz odysee show and i want to spread it. i got it on a cd-r from the guy who taped it. the disc is one track and the taper recorded it from the sound board. i don't know anything about audio except how to download, decode, listen to and share it on bt. the show was at halvorson's upstreet cafe in burlington, vt (thursday night home to the legendary big joe burrell 1924-2005) and was during jazzfest. halvorson's had a week long showcase at this very intimate establishment. i was a cook there at the time and the bartender/manager had a cd-r deck, which i don't know the make and model of (but i will try to find out), that he plugged into the soundboard. i don't know if jacob fred brought there own soundman or if it was a locally hired guy (possibly that russian guy from nectars or the bassist from turkey boulion mafia pat who did all of the booking for halvorson's at the time, i dunno). The copy i have was coppied on the same cd-r deck that it was recorded on and i'm quite sure that the copy i have is the only other copy in existance besides the master which i am quite confident will never surface knowing the guy that is in possesion of it. It has only been out of the sleeve i received it in once and has only been played once so i am sure that if i figure out this eac stuff it will be as close to a clone as will ever exist. the show took place on june 4th, 2003. it was a killer performance with a kicker of a finaly.....here goes...the people who lived in the surrounding apartments called the cops because of the "noise" at...i'd say around 11:30. the show was scheduled to end at 1:00. But by 12:00 the cops were in the restaurant trying to shut the palce down for the night. the band was unplugged and left the "stage"(halvorson's back porch sits surrounded by brick wall covered in ivy and there is a stage built on the deck but for years they have always had tables on the stage and the bands always play in the opposite corner surounded by ivy...pretty small and a very cool setting; capacity probably doesn't exceed 80). so... over this winter i was at the paradise rock club for the steve kimock show with the new line up that included reid mathis. during the set break i was infront of the club smoking (avoiding B.U. undergrads who thought that they were the first person to ever hear kimock) and reid mathis was out with the rest of the crowd and i brought up this particular show with reid and he flipped. he was all fired up about how great they played at that show and how "punk rock" it was for a jazz band to be shut down by the cops for being too noisy.

to make a long story short (too late)

i have no real experience with traking audio files or any sort of editing (this being a one track cd-r)...yes i have read every faq on every lossless bt site but am still in the dark. will a fellow jacob fred fan or trader who is down to teach me someting help me track this out and get it seeded and help me get this and some other shit i have hidden seeded.



2006-04-18, 08:24 AM

i'm going to move this thread to the Technobabble forum, where you should get more help...

a few specifics would help...
what kind of comp are you on [PC, Mac, or Linux]
for lineage purposes, you said this is a CDR copy of the CDR Master [which was recorded on a standalone CD burner], correct?

2006-04-20, 12:19 AM
If you're on a pc use CDWave, you can download it for free. It will cut the tracks without SBEs. It's pretty easy to figure it out. Then just rename them, convert them to flac, using flac frontend or Trader's Little Helper, both free. In fact, use TLH cuz then you can make the fingerprints and an shntool md5 (st5) using the same tool. I would make an shntool of the wavs too before you get rid of them. Make a txt file and you're set.

2006-04-20, 09:40 AM
first you need to set up EAC properly:
http://users.pandora.be/satcp/tutorials.htm (EAC options, Drive configuration).

For the read offset there's a plugin for EAC called AcurrateRip that shortens the long determination process:

If EAC setup is correct, use the "Test & Copy function (uncompressed)" to extract the track.

As feralicious I'd also recommend CDwave (http://www.milosoftware.com/cdwave/) for tracking.