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2006-04-15, 07:56 AM
i've just realised that the "Most Recently Seeded Torrents" link on the top of the home page takes me to an anchor point that means that the recent torrents are actually off the top of the screen. the problem is that the anchor point is actually at the bottom of the list, rather than the top of it.

for several weeks i've been looking at the "Torrents Needing Seeds" list and thinking it was the new torrents list.


ps - i'm using safari, though i can't imagine this affects this issue

2006-04-15, 10:41 AM
Actually, it was a Safari thing. Safari was rendering the page in such a way that the bar that says "Most Recently Seeded Torrent" was underneath the list of torrents, not on top of them. I fixed it though.

2006-04-15, 01:10 PM
thanks lynne - that's fixed it - w