View Full Version : Audacity w. cassette master: Capture to 24 bit dither to 16 bit

2006-04-13, 02:23 PM
I looked through the FAQ and hopefully I did not miss this.

I have an M-Audio 24 bit soundcard and I hope to digitize some cassette masters. There is some great info in these threads about setting up the hardware, etc.

I am struggling w. the settings in Audacity. Is there a specific setting to use for a 24 bit transfer? I am assuming I don't need to change any settings on the card but I don't know that for certain.

After a successful capture how do you dither it down to 16 bit w. Audacity?

Any advice would be appreciated.


2006-04-13, 05:56 PM
i'm working from memory [which is faulty to say the least] but i believe you can go to your preferences in Audacity, select the bitrate/sample rate, and then record the cassette transfer...to downsample, click on the drop-down to the left of the track [where the filename is] > Set Sample Format [change to 16bit] > then export the wav

again, memory's rusty so if someone can verify this :thumbsup

2006-04-13, 08:44 PM
memory not so faulty as you are correct


2006-04-16, 11:10 AM
Thank you for clearing that up.