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2006-04-12, 05:28 AM
Hello, Ive been looking on how to start a torrent for sharing, I got a Tool dvd of dimeadozen, and wanted to share it here. Wondering how i start this up. Can you guys point me to one of your helpful links? Its Tool Sacramento8-25-98 (3 cam mix). Pretty nice show, I hope this works and theres no objections to the video being shared on here.Personally, I think its the best tool dvd around. Thanks.

2006-04-12, 08:25 AM


2006-04-12, 10:48 AM
Those links that Aaron posted should help you out, but if you have any other questions, feel free to post back here.

2006-04-12, 08:39 PM
Cool thanks alot guys. I apreciate the help. I will definatly be on this weekend sharing this, just waiting till i have an empty uTorrent... I have comcast and im pretty sure my uploads have been limited long ago, I got good uploads fer about two weeks and now it sticks at about 40k/s for everything. do you know if changing Ip addresses will change this? One person has allready aggreed to help seed once it pops up, so it wont be completly slow, :) . Thanks alot, now i can share lots of the great Tool dvds ive been getting. You guys dont care if these have been shared on dime right, so shall i just check with the orignal posters on dime? thanks again for the speedy freakin responses, you guys are on top of this stuff, huh?

2006-04-12, 10:37 PM
you can try changing what ports you use for BT...that might help yer speeds...as for changing IPs, i don't know

2006-04-12, 11:25 PM
We don't mind you sharing things you have gotten from other sites. You may have to alter the text file (just write on the bottom "Added on whatever-the-date-is: Audio codec:.... Audio Bitrate:.... Video codec:....") to include some additional information that we ask for at TTD (see the Video BT Seeding Policy for a link to GSpot to show you how to easily obtain this information). It is nice to give credit to the original seeder and site.

2006-04-13, 02:10 AM
Right on!

2006-04-14, 05:25 PM
I having a few problems with creating an .Md5 file, not really sure how to use the MD5 summer program. Is it possible to use the old one? im kinda stuck here...

2006-04-14, 05:58 PM
i prefer using TLH [ http://thor.prohosting.com/roh0205/ ]

here's a guide to checksums you might find useful...scrll about half way down for how to create a st5/md5/ffp

2006-04-14, 07:30 PM
I was able to create a checksum, and it verifys. The old one didnot verify with MD5 summer, but when the error poped up, the info.txt file was in the checksum. do i need to put all the files in checksum? Added a cover, should this and the .txt be in the md5? also what should it be named? the old MD5 was tool1998-08-25.md5. i changed the name of the old one i created, (it was auto named VIDEO_TS), and i think its working ok. ty again double A

2006-04-14, 08:29 PM
It is usually good practice to name the checksum and text file with the bandname-YYYY-MM-DD with md5 or txt after it. That way, in case the text file gets separated from the folder, you can easily tell where it belongs. And, actually, it's a good thing to do with coverart also (although put front or back after the bandname-YYY-MM-DD).

I think md5 summer adds a couple of extra lines to the beginning of the md5 file that says "created by md5summer" or something like that and so you need to open it up in a text file, delete that line(s) and then it should verify the files. And you only need to put the contents of the VIDEO_TS file in the md5 checksum. It's OK if you do the text file and artwork, but it's the VIDEO_TS folder contents that we are interested in.

2006-04-15, 03:50 PM
Cool, trying create the torrent file now, with Utorrent, got error message cannot create the torrent file it is being used by another process. :hmm: im not playing the video or anything like that

2006-04-15, 08:33 PM
Looks like you got it up and running. Maybe you had the text or MD5 file open...?