View Full Version : Help needed uploading -- torrent file not attached but on the server?

2006-04-01, 12:08 PM
Hey folks, it's my first time seeding at TTD, and I'm not sure where
I'm going wrong.

The problem is with uploading the torrent file.

I thought I had done everything correctly, but when I clicked
"Submit New Thread" I got:
The following Errors have occured:
No Torrent-File has been attached.

At the bottom of the Uploading form, I clicked the Upload Torrent
button in the Additional Options -> Attach Torrent section. (again)

I browsed and selected the correct torrent file.
I clicked Upload.

I was then told:
This torrent has already been uploaded to the server !

So I clicked "Submit New Thread" and got the same error:
The following Errors have occured:
No Torrent-File has been attached.

What should I do from here?
I would have clicked the Report This Post / Torrent button, but it
isn't on the page yet, as the page hasn't been submitted.

Thanks in advance for your help!

2006-04-01, 12:12 PM
I'll delete it from the tracker and then you can try again.

2006-04-01, 12:12 PM
Many thanks!

2006-04-01, 12:22 PM
That did the trick. :banger2:

2006-11-27, 11:15 PM
This has happened to me. Ive spent 3 days trying to figure uploading out and now I also get this message.

What do I do now?



2006-11-28, 12:09 AM
I'll go take a look an remove unused torrents. But, all you have to do is give your torrent a different name and you should be fine (ie. instead of "torrent2006-11-27.torrent", just rename it to "torrent2006-11-27v2.torrent")

2006-11-28, 12:26 AM
I think his happens because the torrent attach form is below the UPLOAD TORRENT button on the page. People fill out the page, then click UPLOAD because it's next in line.

I've done this. If someone clicks the button too much instead of reading the error msg, I think it confuses the db or something.