View Full Version : how do i hop back on to help seed a show??

2006-03-31, 10:00 PM
i got down downloading a show awhile ago...burned copies and deleated it on BitTorrent....and also deleated it on my harddrive...how do i go about and hop back on and help seed a show...i put the dvd back on my harddrive..??..i am using BitTorrent..so any help and i can help seed some more!..thanks...

2006-03-31, 10:12 PM
What I do....

Take your DVD and drag/drop the VIDEO_TS folder to your harddrive

Download the torrent file
Start it for a second (enough for the torrent to get the files started)
Stop the torrent
Get rid of the VIDEO_TS folder in the newly created folder from the torrent.
Put the VIDEO_TS folder that you created by drag/drog in its place
Start the torrent again (you may have to say Recheck)
It will check the torrent again, maybe get to 99.7%, complete it (you will be missing the txt file, the md5 file, artwork, other *small* files) and start to seed.