View Full Version : flashing your dvd drive????

2006-03-31, 12:00 PM
hey, recently someone told me that i can flash my dvd burner to make it dual layer capable. how safe is this? could it ruin my burner if it doesn't work? i really want to be dvd9 capable, but i can't afford a new burner until summer. i have been thinking about doing it, but i'd really like to know more about it before i decide. any knowledge, opinions, experiences or anything else relevent would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, chewie

2006-03-31, 12:08 PM
Not sure how that would be accomplisehd to go from single to dual layer... :hmm:

What they're probably talking about is updating your drivers. Go to your drive manufacturer's website and look for updated drivers. Usually, there is an explanation that goes along with each update to tell you what exactly is being updated. They should have driver installation directions as well.

2006-03-31, 12:38 PM
This post mentioned a site with the info you are looking for.