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2006-03-29, 05:22 PM
After about a year I had given up on trying to get rid of my firewall, but recently I figured it out. Now, Im constantly getting popups from "remote systems" trying to access my computer. This is detected through Norton in which I always just block them (I hope). I only have my ten ports opened for Bit tornado and Im thrilled that I can torrent more freely, but I dont understand what these warnings are. They come consecutively and Im constantly just telling the system to block them...even when Im not involved with any torrenting. Just something that starting to piss me off, so if anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.

2006-03-29, 07:38 PM
Looks like you are still firewalled. And those remote systems are just programs that are needed/trying to access your internet connection (or so I beleive so, I used to get those all the time with Norton)

For the ones you want to have access to your internet connection, make sure you mark the option that remembers your choice.

2006-03-29, 10:46 PM
The thing that puzzles me is that multiple IPs are trying to connect to me when Im not involved with any torrent. Its not just a few Im talking pop up after popup of these warnings. Would drive any reasonable person nuts. :wtf:
Im pretty sure Im not firewalled with bittornado because where my port used to be highlighted in red, I am no longer. Plus I finally have the green light as opposed to that oppressing yellow one, not to mention my D/L rate has increased approximately 1200%. On another note, under my ratio that light is green and sometimes red. :hmm:

2006-03-29, 10:51 PM
oh nevermind the last sentence. I just realized that means whether your online or not.

2006-03-29, 10:55 PM
I can't comment about Norton since I don't use it. I do recall my kids trying it out when they got a new computer. It was always popping up a message about this or that. Very annoying.

And no, you are currently not firewalled. You can check by opening up the Peers List on a torrent you are currently active on, finding your name, and seeing if your port number is listed in red (you are firewalled) or black (you are fine). The red and green light in your posts under you name has to do with whether you are currently logged into the site (green) or not (red).

2006-03-30, 02:31 AM
I mean its not a big ordeal. I left the computer on and just came back to find nearly 20 different IPs trying to "remotely connect to my computer." I assume they are part of the torrent trade, I guess I was just looking for some insight as to what it means really.
Its more to do with the fact that I may not be torrenting ANYTHING and I get this warning, that Im concerned someone is trying to tap my system now that Ive left these ports open.
I have the option to "always use this action" when Im opted to block the popups, but because they come from all different addresses it seems that Im going to have to block every torrent trader in the whole wide world web until I get these popups off my screen.
P.S Blocking these "remote computers" does not affect my U/L or D/L rates. so i might think that these IPs are connected to my computer despite my blocking them.

2006-03-30, 02:57 AM
Sorry the thread topic was meant to display NOT fire walled, but bombarded

2006-03-30, 09:30 AM
If you are getting a lot of these screens when browing the internet, i would suggest using Mozilla Firefox if your are not already. It has a buitl in pop up blocker, even though thats not really what Norton is detecting.

Just remmeber to use the "Alwyas Use This Action Button"

Once you get through the list of the programs that you do/dont want to have internet access/access to your PC, there should be A LOT less of these messages.

ANd they may not be affecting your speed bcuase many of them are not constnaltly getting to your internet connection, just once in awhile to update itself, etc.

2006-03-30, 09:38 AM
Just remmeber to use the "Alwyas Use This Action Button"

That's the ticket...when you're connected to the Internet, other machines are always trying to connect to you. If I pull up my firewall log, I'll see tons of attempted connections - it's just the Kazaa, etc search bots that are scouring the Web...nothing personal really. Just make sure you do like Toto said above and the pop ups should go away...

2006-03-30, 09:43 AM
what does the popup say exactly when you click on the details button. Other than an attempt was made to connect to your computer from a remote location. I get maybe one or two random blocked messages maybe a week or so. not constant like it sounds like you are describing. You can check the box that says don't report this violation. That will make the window go away. but I would want to know a little more about what it was blocking. It sounds like you are blocking torrent requests. If you click on the firewall tab and then programs what does it say beside your client torrent. Does it say permit all or some other custom setting. I bet it's some user defined setting. I would delete your client out of the programs screen and restart your torrents. It should popup the window of do you want to allow utorrent etc... Just say permit all. After you do that your gonna get one of your error messages immediately. That is normal. After that it is just port scans from your ISP or neighborhood script kiddie.

2006-03-30, 09:47 AM
OK, thanks for the help.Your saying I should allow these connections. Well I hope I didnt use the "always use this action" to permanently block out about 500 people from trading with me.

2006-03-30, 12:15 PM
It depends on what you want to have a connection or not. We cant really tell you unless you tell us what programs its showing.

2006-03-30, 01:48 PM
ok ill look into it further on the next popup and let you guys know. Appreciate the help, because I dont think its normal. Usually Ill look at the IP that is coming in and it usually has a port 10002 or something (which I have open for my bittornado). Ill see if it defines a program

2006-03-30, 01:58 PM
Try to take a screen shot if you can too.

2006-03-30, 03:33 PM
OK, thanks for the help.Your saying I should allow these connections. Well I hope I didnt use the "always use this action" to permanently block out about 500 people from trading with me.

NO, you :nono: SHOULDN'T :nono: allow any connection if you're not sure what is about. That's the first security rule (my mom taught me).

The most important thing you should look out at those pop-ups is IP/port. The port number gives you some clues about what the other end is trying to do at your comp. There are well-known ports that several pieces/services of your OS uses... nasty people around hidding in their bedrooms decorated with barbie dolls are generally trying to access that ones to look for a breach in your system (and tell their barbie doll "hey, i'm god!").

For example: i'm using ZoneAlarm and, looking at the log, there are a lot of attempts to connect to some well known ports (135, 139, 443, and son on).

Hope, this help!? ... setting aside my crappy english!? :hmm:


2006-03-30, 03:41 PM
Look, when one of these screens pops up, and it the program or whatever that is trying to connect doesnt look familiar, block it. No harm can be done by doing this, only good. ANd if it is something important that needs the connectionm, or something that you want to have connected, you will probably know pretty quickly.

2006-03-30, 04:44 PM
Just write down what it says. At the rate you are describing getting them it is probably something you've blocked that shouldn't be.

IF it was say a script kiddie scanning ports looking for open ports that are the standard defaults for the particular trojan he just downloaded (because he's too n00b to own his own vics) he will get detected by your ISP in less than an hour. If you already had such a trojan on your computer more than likely it's gonna be using outbound requests to avoid such persecution, in which case the firewall message wouldn't read remote requests.

but just right down what it says. you should be able to tell very quickly from that info.

and yes you shouldn't blindly add any warning through your firewall. and yes you should be familiar with the program permission/rights in the program list because thats what this is all about.

2006-04-01, 08:09 PM
Ok, as I was reading your comments I recieved three popups. Thats how frequent this is. I dont know screenshots but this is the detail:

Program Control
X High Risk A remote system is attempting to access your computer

Time 6:57 PM
Date 4/1/2006
Protocol TCP (inbound)
Remote Address: :3971
Local Address: :10001
Location: Default

Then what do you want to do and I say BLOCK. They tend to come up in groups with different addresses. Nothing will pop up for a while then I get between 3-8 consecutive popups. Note that my ports 10001-10005 are open for bittornado. So I assume this computer is trying to come in on my port 10001.