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2006-03-23, 08:20 PM
i got a few shows for a friend of mine who is using a windows based system and i transfered the shows to his computer on an external hard drive. Does anyone know of any programs that can play the the dvds with out burning them?

I found a program that was called VLC Player, will this do it?


2006-03-23, 08:53 PM
I don't know about that program that you mentioned there, but windows media player usually does the trick for me - just doubleclick the first of the .vob files and you should be up and rolling.


2006-03-23, 09:37 PM
Yes, VLC is what I always recommend. Awesome program! It didn't have that great of a user interface at first, but it's definately gotten more user friendly. It plays just about anything you can give it. Give it a try.

2006-03-24, 01:15 AM
thaks for the help

this should handle it

2006-03-24, 01:22 AM
VLC is amazing ... "Media Player Classic" is another great one (google it)

you can play DVDs with these progs and the menus work & everything