View Full Version : Nero getting stuck at 1% during burning.....

2006-03-22, 05:22 PM
Has anyone had this problem burning dvds? I burnt about 5 discs this morning w/ no problem but then started using a new spindle, same brand as the others Maxell +R, and now I keep getting stuck at 1% during the writing process. Any ideas why this might be happening. Is it possible I got a "bad" batch of blanks? Didn't see anything related to this in the archives, if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks


2006-03-24, 03:08 AM
I had a cake box of tdk data/dvd 4.7, after the first three that recorded well, the rest "were not compatible or replace with an empty disc" appered on my screen regardless of what I was trying to record.

I have since changed to verbatim and no problems since.

2006-03-24, 10:30 AM
I have had bad experiences with TDK as well. I got a spool of TDK CDRs for Christmas and more than a few turned out to be coasters. Even back around 1991 I remember buying TDK cassettes and half of them were bad media... the only defective cassettes I ever purchased. :disbelief

2006-03-26, 02:01 PM
Check this site for your type of media and see what others had to say about compatibility issues.

You can also look up your drive and see comments people have made regarding what works and what doesn't with it.

You can also get dvdidentifier.
This will tell you exactly who manufactured the discs. Sometimes companies have others manufacture them for them and then package them with their own name. This may help to clue you in to why one batch worked fine and another didn't.

2006-03-26, 05:25 PM
Hi everyone, thanks for your help. I ended up returning the spindle to Staples, and they were Memorex, not Maxell like I said in my original post. The guy I talked to said the same thing happened to him when he tried to burn them, so it must be the brand. I usually use TDK or Maxell and have had no problems w/ either. I only bought the Memorex because they were 50 for $15. Anyway, Lesson learned. Thanks again.


2006-03-27, 11:56 PM
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