View Full Version : adobe premier audio/video synch

2006-03-19, 12:18 PM
I am trying to synch an older VHS converted MPEG with a new audio source. I have removed the old audio completely as i have no intention of using it.
However, the video & audio do not match up right off the bat...so i am trying to understand how to use premier version 1.5 for this.
I have been using the razor tool to cut into the video where it starts to get off track. Then i use the "resize" tool in the timeline to "speed up" the video.
Is this correct??

Also, i have noticed that in the sections where the video was sped up, it previews all choppy in the sequence monitor, but then when it gets to the untouched video it goes back to playing cleanly...
does rendering help on this? I have about 5 hours left on it (eeek!)
Using a dual athlon processor 1GB mem, so i should have enough juice for this!

thanks in advance for your help!

2006-03-19, 01:27 PM
You need to keep your old camera audio. Line up the two audio sources. THen adjust to the video if you need to. Typically edited material previews choppy but the final project will not be.

2006-03-19, 03:17 PM
unfortunately, no can do...
for some reason the audio did not transfer over & the vhs is no longer available for me to use...
i am sure there is another way...