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2006-03-14, 07:23 PM
Hello I just purchased the Microtrack 24/96. My question: First, if I record in 24/48 is there any increase in Quality if I was to record in 24/96?

Now for some info on this little gem! The manager from where I purchased my MT warned me first. "They have had a couple of returns due to the battery crapping out after 6 months" they sold 10 units and 3 have come back with this same problem. So make sure you charge before you turn on for the first time(It takes approx. 2.5 hours to full) then drain till it says low battery
Just a FYI
Hope I Made Some Sense

2006-03-14, 07:54 PM
yes, recording in 24/96 will produce quality than 24/48...

however, unless you have a system that can properly process 24/96 audio [and speakers good enough to reproduce the details] its a bit of a waste imo...not to mention, youl'l just end up downsampling to 16/44.1 if you wanna burn to cd

2006-03-14, 08:06 PM
That is what I thought with 24/48 I will get almost 4 hours on a 4 gig without haveing to swap cards. At 24/96 I will get just under 2 hours, good for most shows, but it would be a bitch to have to swap cards just to catch the last 10 mins of a 2:10:00 show! The 8 gig is just too much $ right now!