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2006-03-14, 05:32 PM
So, I just got my dvd burner for x-mas, so I'm still new to this. I have done a TON of trading and so far, no one I've traded with has even brought up the issue of data disks. Most traders only ask about media type. While scanning through the techno thread (trying to learn something!)I saw that it was the preferred method of trading for many. Should I bring this up when trading?

Also, can someone explain the difference. When my trial nero timed out, I used sonic to burn a dvd. The only way I got it to burn off my HD was to do it as a data disk. The disk played just fine in my player. I have since bought a full version of nero and have been using that to burn my disks.
Can anyone shed some light?

2006-03-14, 05:37 PM
I would do it as playable data disc. then you can play it and trade it there is info & art & checksums and everything without having to make 2 DVDs

search EXTRAS_TS in the "checksums demystified" link in my signature

2006-03-14, 05:46 PM
what five said...i would always include the checksum/info/art tho, no matter which way you burn it

2006-03-14, 07:23 PM
Thanks guys. Big help! :thumbsup

2006-03-14, 08:31 PM
You'll find that 90% of DVD traders will want it as video, not data.

2006-03-15, 09:28 AM
You'll find that 90% of DVD traders will want it as video, not data.

Yep, some standalone players won't recognise such disc as video, at least burn in Nero in DVD-ROM mode.