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2006-03-11, 10:21 AM
this is what went wrong...from the mod...

bigwu: When you do the next one, be sure to include the MD5 and txt files in your torrent as well.

i am using bittorrent (the original)...do i want it to go to the parent folder or the video ts folder...???..can i use the same info after i run it through the decrypter program..??

2006-03-11, 10:36 AM
Put it all into the parent folder and then create the torrent off of the parent folder.

I.e. you'll have a parent folder called "Band X, Date, Venue" or something along those lines. In this folder you will put the VIDEO_TS folder (and all of it's VOB, IFO, etc files), the .txt file, and the MD5 file.

Then when you create the torrent, when it asks you what folder(s) you want to select, select the parent "Band X, Date, Venue" folder.

When people download the show...they just need to burn the VIDEO_TS folder to watch it, but they will have the .txt file there for future reference and the MD5 file there to check their download.

2006-03-11, 11:07 AM
so what program will give me the info for the .txt file, and the MD5 file. ..??
will the traders little helper give those 2 files..??...so then i must put those 2 files into my main folder right..

2006-03-11, 11:27 AM
The .txt file is just the text file of all the stuff you filled out in the torrent already. Use notepad.


The Big Wu w/Jason Fladager
2-4-06 Acoustic set
Paramount Theatre
Austin, MN
2 Cam Mix

Acoustic set all with Jason
Bird Song
On the Road Again
No Place Like a Road
Make Believers
Puerto Rico
Break of Day
Kick in the Head
The Weight
Minnesota Moon

Sony ECM 907>sony MD>CD-R
DVD_AC-3_AUDIO 224 kbps
Taped By : bigwurock

Cam 1 = Canon ZR-40 minidvc Audience Tripod
Cam 2 = Sony TRV310 8mm Audience
Masters>Firewire>Sony Vegas 6
Stream type : NTSC MPEG-2
Resolution : 720*480
Aspect ratio : 4.3
Framerate : 29.97
Taped By : bigwurock

Audio Synch/Author By : bigwurock
synch : Sony vegas 6
authored : Sony DVD Architect 3.0

The MD5 file you technically already made - you had to have to post the results in that thread.

Use Trader's Little Helper
Go to the Create Checksum tab
Select the files in the VIDEO_TS folder, change the little drop down to MD5 sig.
Then hit create. It will do its thing and when its done, the results will be in the lower window.
To the right of the lower window, click on the Save button. It will ask you where to put it and then you're done.

2006-03-11, 11:30 AM
Traders' Little Helper will made an md5 for you. You would tell it you want to make checksums/fingerprints and then put all the files from your VIDEO_TS folder into it and tell it to make traditional md5 checksums. You will end up with a file ending in .md5. You will put that file into your parent folder. And, when you go to upload the show, you will open the .md5 file with a text editor and you can copy/paste the contents into the box that asks for the fingerprints/checksums.

If you don't have TLH, here's something Nina wrote that is in the VBT Policy:

Until we get something written in this FAQ, here is a short method written by feralicious:

Grab md5summer from www.md5summer.org

Just open it up, navigate to the folder of your DVD and click on "create sums"
Choose "select all" and then "add" and then "ok"
Wait a while for it to do its thing
When it's finished it will open up the "save" window, just make sure you save it with the .md5 extension and your good to go!

One thing I usually do when I remember is go in and edit it by right clicking on the md5 and selecting "edit" and take out the md5summer references because if you use a program other than md5summer to verify that text shows up as an error and I find that annoying.

To get the video bitrate and audio bitrate for your text files, here is a tutorial on how to do it using GSpot: http://www.audiophilia.net/gspot.shtml

2006-03-11, 11:33 AM
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