View Full Version : how do create a complete lineage and checksums/fingerprints?

2006-03-09, 10:03 AM
I created a torrent using MakeTorrent. The output was just the .torrent file. I wanted to upload it but this site requires complete lineage and checksums/fingerprints. What exactly are those and how do I create them?

2006-03-09, 10:30 AM
Hey Henry,

What program do you use to convert your flacs to wavs? or your shns to wavs? That program will also be able to make fingerprints or checksums. Your best bet is to get Traders Little Helper (in the Software FAQ) and it can do it. What you would normal do is drag all the flac/shn files into the window and tell it to make fingerprints/checksums. Take a look at your program and see if you can figure it out and if not, post back. (Sorry, I'm on a Mac and you aren't so I can't get too much more specific without knowing the program you are using - there is a tutorial using some older programs here: u2lynne.sandsmuseum.com/checksums.html)

As for lineage, that is simply a way of saying how it got from the band to the shn/flac files you want to share. Did you receive it as a CDR (then probably audience > ?? > CDR(x) > program to extract > shn or flac)? Did you receive it as flac/shn files (audience > ?? > shn or flac)? Usually if you recieved these as an shn/flac set, then the original person who shn/flaced them, made a text file to go with the files that explains the lineage.

2006-03-09, 12:04 PM
there's a tutorial on TLH here:

post back about your specific show concerning the lineage and we can get you rolling. you will need to do a couple things and generate a new torrent.