View Full Version : spyware threat?

2006-03-01, 12:22 AM
This email was just circulated on a music list to which I belong. I don't think the claim has much merit, but since he mentions the Den, I figured better to be on the safe side.

"anyone hear of spy falcon? i think after a few hours of screwing around
and running some various different stuff, i got it cleaned up. i am
pretty sure i picked it up thru viewing the traders den site with
firefox. it really jacked everything up though, like i couldn't change
my desktop wallpaper and some other things got really weird. after some
registry fixes things seem to be back to normal now. i got one a long
while back called xupiter too, these things just suck the way the
overtake your computer! do mac users and linux users have these problems?"

2006-03-01, 12:48 AM
Well I just changed my desktop without a problem. ;) But I do view TTD with Firefox. It's one of those Spy Axe, Spy Sheriff programs that prompt you with false spyware messages on your computer so they can try to get you to buy their software. I'm pretty much positive that you would have to install an active X control to get something nastly like that.