View Full Version : donovan wma concert,can i share it??

2006-02-28, 03:38 PM
I posted this in another forum on here,but it was suggested it might be better posted here so here goes.

I have a concert by 60's legend donovan from 5th of october 2005.It was downloaded from a radio stations site using cocsoft software.It had to be saved in wma format as that was the only way i could save it.This was a special concert exclusively for this radio station,and id love to share it( not seed it) but i guess wma is as bad as mp3 isnt it.I dont know if anyone knows of a lossless version of this show,if so that would be great.

2006-02-28, 07:53 PM
nope, sorry pepper...only lossless sources are allowed here...thanks for wanting to share tho

2006-03-01, 01:45 AM
I had no intention of seeding it here .